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Sugar Wax

Aug 2017

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I used to visit the salon once a month every month to get a full body wax, a face bleach and eyebrows shaped. I don’t remove the hair from my face because I’m worried it’ll come back darker or the skin will get damaged and I’ll end up with ingrown hair. I was advised not to thread my upper lip and to bleach instead and have continued to do that. After the birth of my son and moving from city to city I haven’t been able to find a lady I like so I decided to try removing the hair myself.

I used a lot of different videos to figure out my sugar recipe but I liked this one the most. I do make it lighter and use strips as I find that quicker and I seemed to be using less wax. I use one cup of granulated sugar, 1/4 cup lime juice and 1/4 cup of water. I allow it to heat up and stir it to dissolve the sugar, than I just let it cook until the bubbles start changing color. I take it off let it cool and then test it out if its too light I put it back on the fire and continue the process until it starts working. I have figured out that it should look like honey and that I need about 3 batches to fill my jar. I then just microwave the jar when I need to wax.

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One Year

Well one year of trying to get everything out there and have something every week as well as just giving up and back dating to placate my OCD. Now I have actually got everything up and will have to come up with more stuff to put up. So that means that I’m not going to be regular and just put stuff up once I have something to put. I just hope I don’t forget, and that I actually come back and use this blog.

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Bacon and Garlic Butter

Jul 2017

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My husband tasted some bacon butter at his friend’s place and wanted to some for himself. We couldn’t get it where we were so he researched a little and got a recipe he liked. After he made it the first time I liked it and got the recipe from him to continue making it. I figured I could use it in a cookie recipe for the dogs and maybe we might like them.

I used 500 grams of amul salted butter, 1 packet of 150 grams of bacon and 1 tablespoon of garlic paste. I fry up the bacon a little and then blend it in my husband’s nutriblend with the garlic paste (you can fry the garlic too if you want) then I mix it all together with the butter in the food processor. Its pretty good, you can always add your own flavors to it as well.

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Toddler Safety

May 2017

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My son is 1 year and 9 months old and he wants to help with everything. He’s especially keen on cooking and I allow him to help with certain things like pushing the buttons on the food processor, passing me vegetables in the kitchen and helps me mix the batter while backing. He throws things in the garbage, brings the cloth to mop his spills and on occasion puts his things away. He now wanted to help cook, we allowed him to stir the pot at a safe distance (but at our own risk). He then moved to dropping slices of processed meat into the pan to fry for breakfast. It started getting out of hand and was becoming difficult to keep everyone safe. It took a few tries and a lot of courage but what I did was allow him to slash a tiny amount of hot oil on himself. As soon as he realized what was happening he immediately refused to be near the stove while we fry things, he also refuses to do anything near the fire.

Jan 2018

We brought in the new year with a few friends. Our son is 2 years and 4 months and there was another child who is 3 years old. What I noticed was that our rat is very able to protect his head when falling while the other child wasn’t. I have always allowed him to fall and not made a big fuss over him. I comfort him when he really hurts himself but if he doesn’t hurt himself very bad I tell him that he’s ok and to be careful. When he falls while playing he’s able to roll on his side and keep his head up to avoid impact. Although when he slips its too quick for him to be able to protect himself and I make sure that he is ok and comforted, but otherwise he’s very careful of his safety and I am content in the fact that I don’t have to worry about him so much. Especially as I’m considering when to have our next child. I still want him to be a little more independent so we’re looking some time after he turns 3 years old.

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Dog Nails

May 2017

I haven’t spent a lot of time training my dogs into good well behaved dogs. I treat them as my kids and we’ve established a relationship with each other with understanding of how things will work. My eldest is pretty dominant and we’ve had a few fights but we have figured out our comfort zones with each other and she is protects my son and our younger dog. After we moved to a different house the dogs weren’t able to scratch their nails to trim them and I had to start trimming their nails for them. This was the best video I found with the best method for us. Since it was a new experience for all of us I got a muzzle for them and carefully got into a routine of trimming their nails every week. It’s a little difficult since we’re all concerned about nicking the vein but we’re getting the hang of it now.

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Mar 2017

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I wanted to give one of my neighbors something for her birthday. I looked for a frosting recipe without sugar and liked this one. I still have to get the consistency right since I’m using liquid honey but again I don’t make it often enough to figure the quantities yet.

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Cheese Cookies

Mar 2017

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I make sweet and salty biscuits in the house so that there is always something on and share with the dogs. Both my son and I can be moody with our food and every once in a while we need a break from the regular food and just pig out on cookies. I pipe these out as well so that its easier to ea without crumbs .

I use 300 grams of the amul cheese block, 1 cup of the regular salted amul butter , 3 cups flour, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of chaat masala and bake at 230C or 446F for 10 minutes.