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​​​​​​Feb 2012

Vardhman Variegated  Yarn

Acrylic Yarn

8 ply / DK / Worsted Weight

7 mm Knitting Needles

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After all the experiments for my friends it was now time to make something for my boyfriend. Being a devoted Manchester United fan I figured he’d appreciate this. I used KG-Chart program to convert the logo and then spent about 8 hours editing it to have just 3 colours instead of the initial 25 – 30 colours. It took me a month to complete each cross stitch logo which is about 10″x11″ and then I knit the scarf using 6/8 cables. After all that work I decided it was better to put his name on it as well. I used a celtic cross stitch pattern site that I can’t find now. Needless to say he really likes it and I’ve been asked by all the other football fans for one with their team logo. Although I haven’t gotten around to actually doing that yet.

KG-Chart for Cross Stitch



After 5 years and 4 months of co-operate customer service, I quit to start a home business with yarn craft and dog food along with being a new mother.

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