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Pride 2


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My mom bought me a cross stitch book and I always liked this pattern. After some years of procrastination I finally decided to make it during my break between 2nd and 3rd year of graduation. I was adamant to do a good job and remember starting over because I had used knots and it felt bumpy when flat. Luckily, I hadn’t done much so wasn’t difficult to start again without knots. I was so happy when it was done but because of the amount of work I never had the courage to get it framed and put it on display. It’s been rolled up in a tube safe in my drawer. The pattern is Jungle Friends from Easy to make needlepoint by Stella Edwards.



After 5 years and 4 months of co-operate customer service, I quit to start a home business with yarn craft and dog food along with being a new mother.

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