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​Feb 2010

Vardhman Millenium Yarn

Acrylic Yarn

8ply / DK / Worsted Weight

7 mm Knitting Needles

Obviously, my parents were next in line for scarves. The red one is my dad’s and the purple one my mom’s. Crochet would take a lot of time and yarn. It would come out slightly stiff and a little uncomfortable. My mom suggested I try knitting, especially since it would solve all the issues with crochet. Since then I’ve only used crochet to add a little extra to my knitting.
I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting. There’s so much out there and it can get a little overwhelming sometimes but it’s just so amazing to look at that finished project. It doesn’t hurt as much to unravel if there’s a mistake, plus you can always just drop a few stitches to fix it instead. It really is quite relaxing and gives me something to figit with while watching TV or listening to an audio book, I can get so engrossed I loose track of time. It’s especially wonderful to just pick up my needles when I’m upset and just need time to calm down.

A lot of friends have asked to learn how to knit. My mom taught me a few basics and then I checked on YouTube. There are a lot of tutorials out there for different techniques and stitches and loads of help in forums, you just need time. There are kits, books and online classes that you can buy, which would not need as much time as trying to get it free. I spent the time and went the free route. I’ll be listing the links I used for each project in the respective posts.
The best place for the basics and everything you need to know to start knitting anything.
I used this for a lot of my work. There are some nice free patterns too.

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Dull Betrayal

Nov 2009

Vardhman Millenium Yarn

Acrylic Yarn

8ply / DK / Worsted Weight

8 mm Crochet Hook

This was the first scarf I made. My then boyfriend was complaining of the cold while riding his bike at night. I mentioned he should get a scarf and somehow the discussion ended with me making one. It came out really warm and a little stiff but did the job. Sadly the relationship was not meant to be. There are no ill feelings and the name has no meaning behind it.

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Pride 2


Anchor Embroidery Floss

My mom bought me a cross stitch book and I always liked this pattern. After some years of procrastination I finally decided to make it during my break between 2nd and 3rd year of graduation. I was adamant to do a good job and remember starting over because I had used knots and it felt bumpy when flat. Luckily, I hadn’t done much so wasn’t difficult to start again without knots. I was so happy when it was done but because of the amount of work I never had the courage to get it framed and put it on display. It’s been rolled up in a tube safe in my drawer. The pattern is Jungle Friends from Easy to make needlepoint by Stella Edwards.

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Pride 1

Nov 1998

DMC Embroidery Floss

So to start off, this was my first project. I used to watch my grandmother cross stitch in her spare time and always wanted to do something. She would give me small projects but I would quickly loose interest and want to play (I was around 9 or 10). This particular year, (I had turned 11) I wanted to make a gift for my mom and so using an old cross stitch borders pattern book of my grandmother’s I choose a few images and put them all together. I remember asking mom which animals and colors she liked and trying not to tell her it was for her. She obviously figured it out but was still happy to receive it. And that’s probably why I started trying to make gifts rather than buying them.